The Fund focuses on Greater London but may allow a tilt to other parts of the UK depending on market conditions and opportunities at hand.

Seed Portfolio

Managed by Tassos Televantides and Victor Papadopoulos from inception until it was brought into the Fund, the seed portfolio has a 10 year track record of investing primarily in residential properties, with some investment in commercial and mixed properties, all in Greater London. The value of the seed portfolio (as at March 2020) is c. £65m and the average value per property is £1.4m.

Targeted Portfolio

Currently, 85% of the portfolio is invested in residential properties and 73% of the portfolio has been fully developed and generates rental income.

In the next 18 months, the Fund’s target is to increase its investment in development assets (from 27% to 40-50%), while slightly increasing its investment in commercial properties (from 15% to 20-25%).

Value Strategy

The Fund’s value strategy focuses on competitive and stable rental yields and on matching market’s capital appreciation.

  • Blend of;
    • High-end family houses in the outskirts of London, in locations that are complemented by key fundamentals (schools, access to high street, transport links to Central London and airports),
    • Mid-market multi-unit properties in London Zones 2 to 6, and
    • Commercial and mixed properties on high streets in London Zones 2 to 6
  • Target long-term occupancies, strong and stable projected rental yields
  • Focus on areas where management has experience and/or strong links to ensure best price deals and value optimisation (quality of tenants, minimisation of vacancies and tenant turnover)
  • Timely review of investments for quick refurbishment or repositioning where necessary

Growth Strategy

The Fund’s growth strategy focuses on undervalued assets and their short to medium term development, potential re-positioning and disposal.

  • Focus on assets with specific redevelopment profiles (e.g. land in favourable planning zones, underutilised properties)
  • Leverage of existing network to exploit distressed/undervalued assets and local development initiatives
  • Formulaic approach to development using tried and tested contractors to maximise efficiency and protect margins
  • Emphasis on securing tenants for re-developed assets to ensure maximum exit value is achieved